☄️ Asteroids for breakfast

The first time Lili took me to climb 'la Tourelle' there was one thing that intrigued me the most.

Apart from the fantastic trekking among the palm trees, the encounters with monkeys and the breathtaking view, I found really interesting the starting point of a route that several people undertake on a daily basis.

To start entering the forest, after parking, you have to climb some concrete stairs and then creep into the hollow of a wire fence, created by who knows who and when.

The starting point of this route is symbolised by a water reservoir: one of those classic enormous concrete structures, with a circular base, raising about 6/7 metres and creating a remarkable visual impact when seen from above.
In fact, once you reach the metal net that starts the trek, you can be high enough to notice how this concrete structure is in enormous contrast with the colours of the surrounding nature.

The visual impact is remarkable, especially considering the black gravel covering the circular top of the structure that measures approximately 8 metres in diameter.

I immediately developed an interest in interacting and dialoguing in some way with this element and the space that surrounds it.

The landscape around the reservoir is in fact covered with rock from the mountain.

These are stones of different sizes and shapes, very similar to small "asteroids".
The game I wanted to develop led me to use these elements as the main material for the creation of the intervention as they were conceived as "modular" and therefore mobile elements.

Each 'asteroid' was therefore coloured and then placed on the circular top of the structure.

The use of these elements allowed me to create different compositions with which I could interact in different ways with the landscape around me, allowing also those who were interested to move these elements as they wished.

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