🔖 El cartero

One morning I found this postcard on the street, not far from a flea market in Barcelona.

I kept it for a couple of months on my desk until I decided to bring it back to the house of its recipient.

The postcard was sent in 1994 and I had no idea if Jordi Campderrós (recipient) was still alive, if he was still leaving in that same building, or if there were other people leaving at that address.

I decided that that postcard had to belong to whoever was now living at that address and I communicated my intentions through a little note I attached to it.

C/Lealtad (Carrer de la Lleialtat in Catalan) is located in the area of Raval (Barcelona), a few blocks away from where I currently live.

When I reach the address of the postcards I manage to enter in the building pretending to be the postman (El Cartero) and when I reached the letterboxes I realised that Jordi’s one was still there and it was actually the most beautiful of all of them.

A few days later, thanks to my dear friend Mireia, I realised that Jordi Campderrós was one of the most important philatelist of the all city and that he died in January 2021.

Nevertheless this postcards belonged to Jordi and now, in a kind of way, it is still with him.

From now on, I would have something more to search for when I go to the flea market, I ‘m sure Jordi would like to have his postcards back ;)

Molt Bonnes Vacances Jordi!

sr. Jordi Campderros _ c/Lealtad n.6 pral.2a _ 08001 Barcelona

Vacances '94
Molt Bones Vacances et desitja el teu company filatelic que no t’oblida.
Una forta abracada.

Holidays '94
Your philatelic companion who doesn't forget you wishes you Very Good Holidays.
A big hug.

c/Lealtad n.6 (Barcelona)

I don’t know if the one reading this message is Jordi or if he still lives here, but I found this postcard on the floor and I think that, for some reasons, it belongs to you.

Very good holidays.


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