Consider this website as a mixture between a box and collage:
as an enormous collection of different fragmens of a puzzle, never defined, never finish nor even to be finished, formed by the logic and figures of contemporary society.

Uselesswords is the tangible expression of an aesthetic practice that transforms the street into its stage.
Street as a 'place' and not as a conductor 'to a place', following the canons of what is known as ' odology'.

Uselesswords is the synthesis of a vast game that aims to modify the still misunderstood metropolitan spaces and fill them with a meaning, whatever this meaning would be.

It's the application of a methodology which is expressed in the daily life through:

- observation as decoding of non-verbal inputs;
- analysis as an understanding of the surroundings;
- actions/exercises as a mean of altering reality.

Don’t try to find meanings or connections between the analyzed subjects: they are totally unrelated.

Don’t search for perfect pictures in the archives: streets have other standards.

Learn to find pleasure in the ordinary things.

Art as an ephemeral act that temporary invade the urban enviroment.
Art for the one’s that don’t know that what they’re looking at is art.

Art as crime.
Crime as art.

To better understand what is uselesswords about, please consider the following scheme:

NB: in order to provide an easier navigation, every subject in the archive is accompanied by specific symbols that determinate the level of investigation achived so far:

︎ observation
︎ analysis
︎ exercise (infinite exercises are allowed for each subject)

The JUST FUN section refers to simple exercises not arising from any particular observation other than the need to perform disturbing actions within the urban context (playground).

︎ self_else
︎ self-else

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