🚎 The bus stop

Mauritius is an island filled with different cultures that coexist, giving each other the space to celebrate their traditions and preserve their lifestyles.

The island is thus filled with Indian, Chinese, Arab, European and local cultures.
It is interesting to note how, despite the small size of the island, these cultures manage to enter into perfect symbiosis, generating a mixture of styles that is translated into architectures with unusual compositions, dishes with curious tastes and decorations that constantly colour the landscape.

As one travels the streets of the island, it is noticeable that the most common means of transport used by the local population is the bus.
These are very old and environmentally unfriendly vehicles, which nevertheless have their own soul and are meticulously decorated, making them true pieces of art.
Vehicles that certainly do not go unnoticed and that welcome hundreds of people every day, transporting them to the most remote parts of the island.

As you might expect, however, these vehicles are not always on time.

The wait for the bus can go on for a long time and its passage is not always guaranteed.
Passengers therefore find themselves spending part of their time at bus stops, which are often poorly maintained and lacking in any comfort or, quite simply, a soul.

These stops, which are also very dated, are exposed to storms and a beating sun that ruins their structure.
Often uncomfortable, they can be encountered in city centres as well as in remote streets in the middle of the sugar cane fields.

I kept observing for some time a specific stop in front of which I used to pass, I decided I wanted to take care of it and give it a soul again.
After meticulously preparing all the necessary materials, I went with Lili and Vincent to that bus stop at dawn one Sunday morning and together we improved it.

Now, that bus stop has cushions to sit on, a new sign indicating its presence and decorations that make it unique, just like the buses that stop there every day.

Now, those waiting for that bus will do so in a different way, certainly more comfortable and probably with a smile.

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